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What is Expert Results?

Expert Results was formed in 2010 in response to a growing need for sports event management and technology.  Expert Results provides sports event management services which include full race or meet management, course measurement, database management, and electronic timing services.   With years of experience in event management, Expert Results makes your event easy.  Its background includes events from inter-house school carnivals and local athletics club competitions, to road races and fun runs, to national competitions.  In addition to sports specific technology skills, Expert Results believes in building relationships with the people at the heart of an event so that everything runs smoothly.


Why Use Expert Results?


We all want to know who won.  Often it is simply:  "What was my time?

Expert Results makes it easy to get that information to participants, and spectators.  Expert Results understand the work that is involved behind the scenes.  Expert Results can do this work efficiently and seamlessly so that your life is made easy.  Expert Results can work with you to streamline the process, creating a memorable event for your sports group.

Expert Results staff understand the rules of sport, but we also realise that not all competitions should be treated like the Olympic Games. Each competition has its own flavour and presentation needs.

Expert Results has an objective to help increase the particpation in sport so that individuals have a healthy, active lifestyle and also to help specific sports themsleves grow in numbers.

All operators provided by Expert Results are polite and courteous. When we work at your sporting event, we treat you and your colleagues with dignity. Customer service and efficiency are our core values.

Expert Results staff respect and acknowledge that athletes, spectators, and organisers have different requirements. Competitors want to know their ranking and their performance. Spectators need to know what is happening at the time, and when their area of interest will begin. Efficient event management makes it easier for organisers to keep the event moving smoothly, finish on time, and provide an overall set of accurate results at its conclusion.


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